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'Alicia’s feedback on my novel was both insightful and detailed and with her help I have been able to fine-tune my story to best illustrate the plot and characters that I am so passionate about. I am deeply grateful to Alicia for all the effort and dedication that she put into critiquing my novel and highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain feedback on their writing.'  
– J. Psaltis


Manuscript Assessment

Finally finished your novel and not sure what to do with it next? A manuscript assessment might be just the thing you need!

What is a manuscript assessment?

A manuscript assessment is a detailed and thorough report on the big picture items of your manuscript, such as structure, themes, character, plot, setting and style. You will receive in-depth feedback outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your work, along with suggestions on how you can make your manuscript the absolute best it can be. 

An assessment is not proof reading or line editing. You will not receive the manuscript back with line notes and track changes. An assessment is not a guarantee of publication. Your assessment may contain suggestions for publication avenues or next steps towards reaching your publication goals, but it will not connect you with a publisher or agent.

What genres do you assess?

Most genre fiction, including fantasy, YA, speculative fiction, cli-fi, magical realism, fairy tale and fabulist, as well as literary and contemporary fiction and short story collections. I don't tend to take on non-fiction, hard science fiction, historical fiction, crime, romance, children’s books or poetry, although you can always ask! Writers SA, or similar organisations in your state or territory, should be able to match you to an assessor with expertise in these fields.  

How much does an assessment cost?

The price of your assessment is based on the length of your manuscript. A novella of 20,000 words will cost less to assess than an epic novel of 120,000 words. However, while it takes less time to read a shorter work, the time it takes to write a considered response remains the same. Your assessment will be back to you within 4 to 6 weeks. For exact pricing and availability please contact me directly and specify the length of the work you would like feedback on.

'I was delighted with Alicia’s thorough and insightful manuscript assessment of my novel. Having worked alone on my novel for some eighteen months, with numerous rewrites and edits, I sensed that there was still more to be done; but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Through Alicia’s encouraging words and clear insights into what aspects of the story needed further development, I have set forth with renewed determination and the necessary knowledge to write the novel I have long dreamed of finishing. 

I highly recommend Alicia’s professional manuscript assessment service to anyone who is serious about getting their novel published.'

 – P. Malone

'I would highly recommend and encourage any writer to engage the services of Alicia for assessment of their manuscript. She is kind and approachable, and provided me with a professional, comprehensive, insightful, detailed and honest assessment within a few weeks of receiving my manuscript. Her comments, suggestions and advice on how to further develop my characters and her constructive analysis and attention to detail on specifics of my plot, and how to approach the editing process were invaluable. Alicia’s ongoing encouragement gave me belief in my ability as a writer and the incentive to make my manuscript the very best that it could possibly be. 

Thank you Alicia.'

 – J. Blieschke

'Alicia was extremely professional to deal with from beginning to end, including transparency on her availability, her completion dates and her pricing was amazing value for money. Her Manuscript Assessment Report was an absolute lifesaver. Her report was clearly laid out into logical categories that have become my bible for my latest manuscript draft. Alicia's concise and articulate advice has given my latest draft a clear sense of direction and focus. I honestly would highly recommend Alicia to anyone who has done all they can with their manuscript and needs a wise set of eyes to set you up with a clear road map on how to complete your manuscript, once and for all!' - N. Drinkwater

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